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            About Zeon


            ZEON Makes The Future Today Through The Power of Chemistry

            Producing innovative specialty elastomers since 1950, ZEON is a world leader in specialty elastomers, polymers, and specialty chemicals. We are one of the top producers of polymers in the world, operating a global network of plants in Asia and North America, and research and development laboratories in the United States, Japan, China, and Singapore.

            With almost 70 years in business and consolidated sales of over U.S. $2.9 billion, we have both the experience and the expertise in C4 and C5 chemistry to offer a wide range of products. Zeon Corporation employs over 3,000 people worldwide, with global headquarters in Tokyo and regional headquarters in the United States, Singapore, and Germany.

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            The Leader in Synthetic Elastomers

            ZEON is broadly known as the market leader for specialty heat- and oil-resistant elastomers. Our flagship elastomer – Zetpol? HNBR – was launched in 1984 and has steadily established itself as the premier elastomer for applications demanding both superior heat/oil resistance as well as toughness and durability. Today, Zetpol is broadly utilized in automotive underhood applications, including for timing belts. ZEON is the global leader for specialty nitrile (NBR) elastomers, offering a broader range of specialty grades – including powder, liquid, ground, carboxylated, and NBR-PVC blends – than any other global producer. For ACM Elastomers, utilized for underhood automotive sealing, we have made significant investment in global capacity expansion with our 2013 acquisition of Tohpe Corporation (Japan).


            A Global Network Ready to Support You

            Our commitment to having the industry’s best customer service starts with having chemists and technical experts available to work directly with you. ZEON operates a truly global network of technical support and sales offices. We are able to assist your engineers and scientists, beginning with concept discussion through to prototyping, pre-launch and mass production. It is common for us to begin working with designers in one region of the world and support mass production in another region.

            Zeon Global Network

            With operating locations in 8 countries, we provide superior service to a global base of customers.

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