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            Quality & Certifications

            A Respected Leader

            Zeon Chemicals L.P. is committed to supplying products that meet the quality and product stewardship expectations of our global customers. Our products comply with all relevant regulations of the respective countries in which they are sold.

            Corporate Social Responsibility

            As a responsible company, the ZEON Group established a Code of Conduct that is based on our Corporate Philosophy and serves as the basis of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.


            We are committed to customer satisfaction achieved by clearly understanding customers’ needs and fulfilling those requirements through continual improvement of products, services, and the quality management system.

            Zeon Chemical’s Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2015 — ISO Certificate.

            Further detail of our quality initiatives is summarized in our Quality Management Systems overview and Supplier Profile.

            Product Stewardship

            Zeon Chemicals continuously assesses the compliance of our products in the markets where they are sold. In addition to Safety Data Sheets available from this website, our Product Stewardship team evaluates compliance various registration, certification, Regulations, and Directives. A more detailed list of ZEON’s product stewardship activities is available in PDF format and in our statement regarding ZEON’s compliance with the California Supply Chains Act.

            Environmental and Safety

            Zeon Chemicals is committed to excellence in safety, health, and environmental (SHE) performance. Excellence in SHE performance is an integral part of our business and is essential for our long-term business success. We operate our business according to the??ZEON Corporate SHE Policy, which is the foundation of our global SHE management program.




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