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            What is a STEC??

            In an effort to reinforce our sustainability initiatives, ZEON ships our custom?elastomers in reusable,?metal containers called “STEC’s”. These?STEC’s are rugged and durable, so your product arrives in peak condition.

            Why return STEC’s to ZEON?

            STEC’s are designed as multi-use packaging and need to be returned to ZEON once emptied. ZEON has a special?STEC?Return Policy?and we will pay freight when you return the STEC’s to our facilities.

            Stacking STEC’s for Return

            Click the image below to view an easy,?step-by-step procedure for breaking down and stacking?STECs for return.










            Returning STECs to ZEON

            After you have collected STEC’s for return, simply complete the form below to receive instructions for shipping the STEC’s back to ZEON. One Complete STEC = One Base + Four Walls


            STEC Return

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